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Coming soon…

26 Dec

Have you seen the trailer for The Season of the Witch yet?

“Can so much be entrusted to him?” the trailer asks, speaking of Cage’s lank haired, armour clad character. I think we can answer with a firm and uninhibited “yes”. Cage is so trustworthy as a main character, that I’ve started to reformat every one of his film titles as “The Something Man”. True, he’s not always the main character, but it works enough to amuse me. Perhaps you could do this for every male leading man, but it seems particularly fitting giving Cage’s preference for character’s with highly defined quirks and personality traits.

Following this formula, the next films we’re going to watch and review are probably “The OCD Man”, “The Family Man Man” and “The First Lady Bodyguard Man” (he’s her bodyguard! even though she can’t stand him!).

In the meantime, watch the trailer for a film that was just made for Nicolas Cage, but inexplicably stars Mel Gibson instead. I swear, me and Adam are making ‘Ah’m the beava, an’ ah’m ‘ere to save yer damn life’ a meme by hook or by crook (not that I think it really needs the help!)