2 Dec

Nicolas Cage loses his shi(r)t.

I’ve been succumbing to DVD-binges on Amazon, and putting my local independent DVD supplier out of business.

To assuage my guilt, I’ve bought only the cheapest DVDs, and consequently have a random bargain bucket of Cage films set to arrive at my door sometime in the next two weeks. These are they, two a penny Cage’s for an insatiable generation.

  • Windtalkers. The cheapest at one penny plus postage and packing. We have to break the action film barrier at some point.
  • Honeymoon inVegas. This one is in the ‘passion’ part of the Venn diagram, so it’s sure to be interesting.
  • Snake Eyes. Probably going to give this one to Adam.
  • Guarding Tess. She employs him as a bodyguard, even though she hates him! Looking forward to this. Perhaps a Christmas day film?
  • The Family Man. Some kind of hangdog morality tale, maybe? I suspect I’ll be watching this one alone.

Also we still have The Wicker Man, star of a hundred youtube clip videos yet to watch and add our own vital commentary to before your astonished face!


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