1 Oct

Welcome to CageWisdom, whose name could have been a funny reference to Arrested Development, but now isn’t. Nevermind, eh? It’s still a blog about Nicolas Cage films, and that’s the important thing. At an airport recently, my brother and I played a game where we rushed to dvd stands and the first person to find a film featuring Nicolas Cage won. He had an early success with ‘Kiss of Death’, I struck back with ‘Kick Ass’ but he took the well deserved triumph with ‘Ghostrider’.

Adam, whose idea this blog is, has had a much longer relationship with Nicolas Cage than I have. In fact, when he first posted this love letter to Cage on my facebook wall, I was nonplussed.

Dear Nicholas Cage,
I’m sure you can understand why I doubted you. In The Wickerman you wore a bear suit and punched a woman. That hurt me more than her, Nicholas Cage. I started to makes jokes. Childhood adoration turned to mockery. But now all is forgiven. I remember why I loved you in the first place. How watching rapt as a 14-year-old, in one of the first instances where I was left alone in the house for the evening, Birdy was the first film that captured my attention and made me realise the power of cinema. You are the reason Wild At Heart is my favourite David Lynch film; Adaptation my favourite film by Charlie Kaufman; Raizing Arizona my favourite Coen Brothers. (actually Eraserhead, Being John Malkovich and The Big Lebowski, but I at least owe him this much)

Yours adoringly for eternity,

The only Nicolas Cage film I’ve seen is Adaptation, and I hadn’t seen any at the time so I didn’t really know how to reply. Pretty soon, Nicolas Cage became a meme between us, via a Nicolas Cage mask that I made for him when we started dating. Now we’re going to spend some time watching lots of his films and writing reviews of them here. I’ll let Adam explain the appeal as he sees it:

Nicholas Cage is traditionally considered to be a bad actor, whose face is vacuum-formed across a thinly-drawn category of various gelastic emotions; but I would rather take at face value Cage’s own description of himself as “a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther.” He is an actor whose kinetic energy is seen to be bad because it is cartoon-like but for me reaches such ludicrous, miasmic heights that it starts to shape the landscape around him, until his chomping flailing mouth bites and the world leaps back from his metamorphic gurning.

"Take your stupid mask."


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